Xene specializes in translation, interpretation, and related international services. Since establishment in 1997, we have produced many multilingual media projects, such as pamphlets, websites, and audio guides. Our accomplishments include publication of ‘Xene’, a Japanese and English bilingual free paper which, at the time, was Hokkaido’s only lifestyle magazine designed for foreigners. Over the years, Xene has supported Hokkaido’s internationalization and served as a pioneer of Hokkaido’s inbound tourism industry, with notable projects including joint development of Hokkaido’s first multilingual mobile audio guide in collaboration with major travel agencies, and establishment of training programs for Chinese and Korean tourism concierge staff in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. And in June 2017, we unveiled our groundbreaking ‘Xene Pack’, Hokkaido’s first fully-fledged multilingual website package product, oriented for customers across the globe. With this successful launch of one of Japan’s leading multilingual web services, we continue to expand our business beyond Hokkaido.

Our Products

Services Offered by Xene

Xene provides a wide range of multilingual services, such as multilingual translation / interpretation, multilingual desktop publishing services, production of multilingual media (websites, pamphlets, signage / displays, printed publications, and more), and overseas onsite interpretation.
And, in June 2017, we released our multilingual website package service, ‘Xene Pack’.

Xene Pack Makes it Easy to Reach Customers around the World!

Introducing Xene Pack, a multilingual website package product that makes it easy to create foreign language websites for your company. Simply link your Xene Pack to your company’s main website, and you are ready for international business. For businesses and individual clients alike, Xene Pack is the ideal web service solution for selling products overseas and establishing a worldwide presence.

Three Reasons to Choose Xene Pack

  1. Unmatched all-inclusive price point of 50,000 yen* per language (translation / production)

  2. Smartphone and tablet support

  3. SEO optimized for a wide range of search engines

* 50,000 yen per language pricing applies for translation from one of four languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, or Korean) to Japanese, or from Japanese to one of these four languages. Additional fees apply for other languages. If you supply your own translated text, the cost without translation is just 35,000 yen (plus tax).

Expand your Market Fifteenfold for just 50,000 yen!

Japanese language only accounts for 1.7% of the world’s population. Creating a website in English will increase your target audience by about 15 times, and further adding a website in Chinese will result in a total increase of about 25 times, or a global market population of over 3 billion people.

Worldwide Presence with Unmatched Cost Effectiveness!

For example, translating an existing Japanese trifold A4-size leaflet into English and printing just 2,000 copies will cost 100,000 to 200,000 yen. Our search engine optimized ‘Xene Pack’ offers online media to establish a worldwide presence, at a cost of just 50,000 yen.

Xene Pack connects your company profile, as well as distinguishing features of your products and services, to the world! This compact presentation of your core information will show potential clients what makes your company special. Simply link your Xene Pack to your company’s main website, and take your first steps into international business. It has become common sense for any business to have its own website. Think of Xene Pack as your modern-day business card, available to potential customers across the globe.

Make your own Xene Pack in three simple steps!

Please visit this page to view the actual design types

✱ Please feel free to contact us for more information about any of these options.
1. Promotional writing: Just provide information and materials, and leave the writing to our professionals.
2. Server Connection Service: We will upload the completed Xene Pack to your company’s server. Prices vary depending on the architecture of your main website and server conditions.
3. After-Sales Service: Xene can continue to provide comprehensive support after your website goes live. Are you receiving foreign-language e-mails from clients? Does a prospective customer want to visit to inspect your products in-person? Xene’s world-class multilingual services are available at special rates for Xene Pack users, just for cases like these.
We also offer a lineup of options such as inquiry forms, animated graphics (JavaScript), custom layouts tailored to your preference, accordion functions, social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, LINE, and more), and CMS integration (WordPress, Movable Type, and more).
✱ Additional fees apply for all of the above options.

Company Information

Company Profile

■Company NameXene Inc.
■EstablishmentApril 1st, 1998 (Commencement of Operations October 1st, 1997)
■Capital16 million yen
■RepresentativeMujin Hiiro, Representative Director
■Address11.Concept Sperare Bldg. 4F, Minami 10-jo Nishi 1-chome 1-65, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 064-0810 Japan
■Hours10:00 am - 6:00 pm
■Business ProfileTranslation and Interpretation: Xene supports Japanese, English, Chinese (Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc), Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Russian, French and other European languages, and other minority languages. Onsite interpretation throughout Japan and overseas.
International Business Services: Foreign language narration, foreign language audio (tape) production, various overseas local research services and business coordination.
Publication and Editing: Planning, editing and production of media including personally-funded publications, print media, pamphlets, multilingual websites. Audio (tape) production.
■ContactTel:+81-11-531-8811 / Fax:011-531-8812 / E-mail : xp@xene.net